Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Pack of 8x50g Glitter Dust

Step aside, diamonds!
Shiny, sparkly and shimmery glitter dust 
(aka glitter powder, fairy/pixie dust) are girls' best friend!
Comes in 8 mesmerizing colors, they are great for -
  • DIY projects
  • arts and crafts (eg. scrapbooks)
  • making your own glitter nail polish
  • revamping your old shoes & heels 
  • creating magical photography effects
  • throwing at the bride and groom
  • throwing at each other
  • literally brightening someone's day
  • making a shimmery mess
  • last but not least, sparkle like a rainbow!
Pre-order, ships in 14 days
Pack of 8 colors @ 50g/pack in ziploc pouches
Gold, silver, red, blue, purple, green, rose & orange

Questions - adorawedding6@gmail.com