Thursday, October 1, 2015

Backdrop - Sequin (10 colors!)

Sequin Backdrop
Sequin size: 9mm
Colors: Gold, silver, red, magenta, dark purple,
light purple, black, light pink, sapphire blue & aqua blue

Ready stock colors: Black & aqua blue
Ready stock size we are selling -
(W)1.3m x (H)2.5m x2 units
Put together you will get total
(W)2.6m x (H)2.5m
*Measurements are approximation

Ready stock ships in 48 hours
Other colors delivery in 14 days 
Custom sizes available, please enquire!

Restocking gold & silver, estimated arrival date is 23 Dec 2015.



Courtesy of Candid Selalu

  Image courtesy of Candid Selalu

 Image courtesy of Candid Selalu / Shown here is 2.6m (W) x 5m (H)