Thursday, February 20, 2014

Photobooth Props - Set A/B/C/D/E/F

Add some fun and silliness on your wedding day!
Comes ready-to-use, no hassle & headache!

SET A, 32pcs - RM45 (only RM1.40/prop)
SET B, 33pcs - RM45 (only RM1.37/prop) 
SET C, 31pcs - RM45 (only RM1.45/prop)
SET D, 60pcs - RM56 (only RM0.93/prop)
SET E, 30pcs - RM45 (only RM1.50/prop)
SET F, 31pcs - RM45 (only RM1.45/prop)
SET G, 44pcs - RM45 (only RM0.96/prop)
SET H, 76pcs - RM62 (only RM0.82/prop)
Ready stock items ship in 48 hours

*Please check availability with us before placing orders
as sometimes they go very fast!